Library and Media Directors Council Meeting

Fall 2010, October 28-29, 2010

Green River Community College, Kent Campus

Location: KC 283

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

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Setting up and socializing/
Log in and test equipment
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Welcome, Introductions, and Logistics
Lauri Kram, Jennifer Dysart

Welcome to Green River Community College
Mari Ragland

Washington State Library Update
Jeff Martin, Ahniwa Ferrari

1:30- 1:50
SBCTC and Grant Updates
Cable Green

1:50- 2:00
eLearning Council Update
Michelle Bagley

2:00- 2:10
1946 eLearning Library Subcommittee Update
Monica Luce, Andrew Hersch-Tudor

2:10- 2:25
LSTA Grant Report
Lynn Kanne

CLAMS Report
Lauri Kram, Linda Keys

Accreditation Process Update
Melissa McBurney, Andrew Hersh-Tudor



eLC and LMDC Efficiency Study Survey

The 2010 legislature passed Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 6359The bill seeks to find efficiencies that provide cost savings through partnerships and coordination between and among community and technical colleges. Our system has been partnering and sharing services for years. This survey will capture existing partnerships and coordinated efforts and their impact on student access and success. All WACTC Commissions and Councils have been asked to participate in this survey at their fall meetings and to coordinate and submit our response to Cable Green and Michelle Andreas by November 1.


Open Source Integrated Library Systems
  • Possible opportunity for cost savings

LMDC Strategic Plan and IC Work Plan Progress Report

Kent Commons Shopping Center

Friday, October 29, 2010

related links and documents
Setting up and socializing

Log in and test equipment
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Report Updates:
  • Summer Meeting Minutes - Jennifer Dysart
  • Treasurer's Report - Andrew Hersh-Tudor
  • Library Council of Washington - Tim Fuhrman
  • NW Library Directors Symposium - Jane Blume

Report from Instruction Commission
Mary Garguile


Discussion Topic

Background: After the LMDC spring meeting, a few of us met for lunch, where Paula Doherty brought up a suggestion for our summer meeting. Following up on some of the discussions both at the LMDC meeting and informally among folks attending the meeting, Paula asked whether LMDC should consider changing its name to "better reflect what we do" [as eLearning did]. Paula added that many of us are close to retirement, and especially in the current fiscal situation, some Library Director positions are being subsumed into other positions. Paula brought up the need for us to reimage ourselves, and how best to mitigate decisions at our campuses about Library Director positions if they become vacant. We need to ask ourselves what does this mean for our institutions. Michelle proposed developing a Manifesto, where do we see ourselves within our institution? Our profession as well as higher education is in the midst of rapid and significant change. At our Summer meeting, there was consensus to discuss this further at our Fall meeting.

Developing a succession strategy for library/media directors who will be leaving their positions:
  • What are the necessary skills and experiences that are most appropriate or effective for successfully carrying out the responsibilities of a CTC Library/Media Director?
  • Can any academic administrator successfully discharge the responsibilities of the library/media director? Why or why not?

Changing nature of work in academic libraries

...midlevel leaders in higher education


Continuation of Discussion Topic, identify next steps

Winter and Spring LMDC Meetings

Need to find new dates for Winter and Spring LMDC meetings, confirm location for Spring meeting.

Good of the Order Issues

Followed by Tour of Green River CC Library, Auburn Campus (Optional)