1946 Work Team

Notes from the LMDC Fall discussion:

Put all this in the framework of the legislation.
Start with 21st Century Library Project
Check Orbis-Cascade bylaws; would we fit into that?
Investigate agreement between Cascadia and UW
What does OCLC have up their sleeve?
See how Ohio, Georgia, make it happen. What do they expect in 5 years?
List of fears
  • 4-yr resources will be overwhelmed by CTCs
  • We all want to be 4-yr institutions
Where do we want to be as a system? Work backwards from that. Have established before we go to 4-yrs. Then develop shared vision.(Visionof how instruction willwork in 5 years--rollingadmission, rollinggrades, computer-based)
Whatever we do, get it all back to LMDC

In LMDC meeting: Stan, Eric, Andrew, Monica, Sue, Joan, Tom, Jennifer, Tim, Kendall, Sharon